How It Works / Why I Wrote This App

Oct 4, 2009 at 7:27 AM

This application simply iterates over WTV files in a directory, finds shows that haven't changed in 5 minutes, and hands them off to the built-in 'WtvConverter.exe' utility.

Microsoft, true to their compatibility record, included a nifty utility to down-convert files recorded with the new WTV wrapper to the old DVR-MS format. In this way, WtvWatcherConsole can treat the conversion process in a completely agnostic fashion.

Now, I went through my fair share of pain and frustration using tools like DVRMSToolbox, MCEBuddy, and even pay-for software demos only to find that they were overly complex for what I wanted done: namely, I just wanted my commercial-less life back after installing Windows 7.

Come to find out, after a whole lot of research and trial/error, that the 'WtvConverter.exe' tool right under my very nose did the trick, providing backward compatability of format so that other 3rd-party applications (such as Lifextender, etc.) could continue on their merry way, using the old format.

From what I can tell, all quality and metadata (of consequence) in the WTV file is preserved by the build-in utility.